Tinny Speaker?

All in all quite satisfied with the 2e, but I’ve noticed the sound quality from the speaker is very tinny. It has sufficient volume, but on both mine and my wife’s, there seems to be the tiniest, high-pitched rattle from inside like you’d get from a blown speaker in your car. Anyone else have this issue?


Mine is fine. Quite pleased with the sound quality from the speaker.

Mine is tinnier and a bit muffled. I had full-throated sound from my 1e, but the 2e seems to have sound issues.

Tout à fait d’accord… le son n’est pas bon…! j’ai un motorola comme second téléphone.
Le jour et la nuit ! mais ce n’est le même prix aussi ! il vaut bien plus cher !

I think I have a similar issue, but it’s only with certain pitches or etc it seems like. Not constant.