Tracfone on AT&T - 4G

Anyone getting 4G calling with Tracfone on AT&T??

I know the phone is LTE capable but I am only getting a 3G network for cell service.
What to do when AT&T shuts down 3G?
Is this a Tracfone issue?

Most likely you need APN settings. Check this post.

I have those settings in my APN.
Makes no difference in the cell service network.
Data network is LTE.

2e is AT&T certified. So ideally you should get VoLTE. Could you call Tracfone customer service and check why you are not getting VoLTE. Maybe they have to enable something at their end.

I have also asked another user who is using tracfone.

Have you heard from the other Tracfone user?
I was hoping that I would not have to contact Tracfone but it seems that I have to.
Anyway, I won’t be able to do this until Monday but will update this thread with my progress.

Tracfone was of no help.
I will try to transfer to a new sim and see if that does anything.

Any word from the other Tracfone user?

Have not heard from the other user yet. Did Tracfone CS say that VoLTE is expected to work or not? Maybe they have to whitelist the SIM. Here are few related links:

Possible way to tell if your TF/AT&T line is VoLTE enabled (this thread seems a little generic)

I am on Tracfone ATT and running /e/ on my 2e. It doesn’t show voice technology in use in the status bar when making a call.

In SIM status menu in About Phone though, I show LTE as mobile voice network type and do have VoLTE enabled in Mobile network settings.

Anyone know if it is possible to verify VoLTE use for calls while on /e/ or how to change the status icon to show the network type when calling?

On /e/ view the SIM status menu when a call is active.

When a call is active, SIM status menu shows UMTS as mobile voice network type and HSPA for data type.

When call ends, settings again show LTE for both.

The Tracfone CS was only concerned that the phone was working and guaranteed that it would continue to work after the AT&T shutdown. She suggested that I try it with another sim. I might try again and hopefully get a more knowledgeable CS.

If you turn off WiFi, the status shows LTE,
When you make a call, it changes to 3G.

UMTS is 3G, yes?

Yes - UMTS is 3G.

This means VoLTE is not configured yet and the calls are dropping the signal to 3G/UMTS.