Tracfone on AT&T - 4G

Anyone getting 4G calling with Tracfone on AT&T??

I know the phone is LTE capable but I am only getting a 3G network for cell service.
What to do when AT&T shuts down 3G?
Is this a Tracfone issue?

Most likely you need APN settings. Check this post.

I have those settings in my APN.
Makes no difference in the cell service network.
Data network is LTE.

2e is AT&T certified. So ideally you should get VoLTE. Could you call Tracfone customer service and check why you are not getting VoLTE. Maybe they have to enable something at their end.

I have also asked another user who is using tracfone.

Have you heard from the other Tracfone user?
I was hoping that I would not have to contact Tracfone but it seems that I have to.
Anyway, I won’t be able to do this until Monday but will update this thread with my progress.

Tracfone was of no help.
I will try to transfer to a new sim and see if that does anything.

Any word from the other Tracfone user?

Have not heard from the other user yet. Did Tracfone CS say that VoLTE is expected to work or not? Maybe they have to whitelist the SIM. Here are few related links:

Possible way to tell if your TF/AT&T line is VoLTE enabled (this thread seems a little generic)

I am on Tracfone ATT and running /e/ on my 2e. It doesn’t show voice technology in use in the status bar when making a call.

In SIM status menu in About Phone though, I show LTE as mobile voice network type and do have VoLTE enabled in Mobile network settings.

Anyone know if it is possible to verify VoLTE use for calls while on /e/ or how to change the status icon to show the network type when calling?

On /e/ view the SIM status menu when a call is active.

When a call is active, SIM status menu shows UMTS as mobile voice network type and HSPA for data type.

When call ends, settings again show LTE for both.

The Tracfone CS was only concerned that the phone was working and guaranteed that it would continue to work after the AT&T shutdown. She suggested that I try it with another sim. I might try again and hopefully get a more knowledgeable CS.

If you turn off WiFi, the status shows LTE,
When you make a call, it changes to 3G.

UMTS is 3G, yes?

Yes - UMTS is 3G.

This means VoLTE is not configured yet and the calls are dropping the signal to 3G/UMTS.

Any update on this? I am on Net10 (TracFone subsidiary), and have not switched over to my Teracube 2e yet, but will need to by the time ATT shuts of 3G, because my current phone is not VoLTE capable.

Could the fact that voice calls are only on 3G be related to the wholesale bandwith purchasing activities of TracFone? That is, maybe TracFone is paying AT&T less for 3G than it is for 4G, and wants all voice communications on 3G while it can still get that, to save costs? There’s definitely less of a quality difference between 3G-4G voice than data (based on my experience), so customers are less likely to complain if they even notice? Just spitballing…

There was no resolution for the AT&T connection. A sim change was done and there was no change in getting VOLTE to work. TracFone is clueless and denies any problem.

It was confirmed that VOLTE works on T-Mobile though. This will mostly likely be the route I will be taking before the AT&T switch.

Have you popped in your Net10 SIM into the 2e? These carrier settings are a mixed bag - VOLTE just might work.

No, haven’t tried it with a Net10 SIM yet – will probably switch over in the next two weeks or so, will report back when I have more info.

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Incidently, I have been using my Teracube 2e as my “main driver” phone for about a week now, and really like it so far. I am using the SIM from my old phone, which they don’t want you to do, but it’s been working. I have had a few minor hangs (5-10 seconds, not during calls) that I’m not sure what caused, and one instance where I needed to remove/reinstall the SIM to get service back. I think /e/ OS is better configured for the hardware than the version I was using on my old phone (which makes sense, because the /e/ Foundation is reselling the 2e as a product).

At any rate, I’m not having any apparent problems with using the SIM from my old phone. I think if the remove/reinstall problem happens again, I’ll order a new SIM from them, but for now calls and data are working and sound fine.

Are you getting VOLTE using the Net10 sim on AT&T???

I am pretty sure I am seeing VoLTE, at least in the few times I’ve used the phone part of the phone. I will have my signal indicator at the top showing “LTE” before the call, once the call connects, the “LTE” changes to “4G”

I did have minor problems with my ATT Net10 SIM, though they may have been related to the SIM still being configured to my older phone. I would occasionally (every other day or so) have my network data (LTE or 3G) hang, and wouldn’t be able to load data to browser or apps until I rebooted the phone. This did not appear to affect calls/texts. I ordered a new Net10 SIM, this time for T-Mobile, and did the “official” transfer to my Teracube 2e with the new SIM. I have had no problems since (3+ days now).

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