[Troubleshooting] Google Pay setup not working - what to do?

If your Google Pay setup is telling you that your phone is rooted or altered in some other way, then check the following:

  1. Make sure all your apps are updated. Goto play store app > your profile icon > My apps and devices > Update all apps. After all apps are updated, try again. Uninstall Google Pay, reboot, reinstall Google Pay if need be.

  2. Make sure your bootloader is locked. If your phone shows “Orange state” at bootup time, then your bootloader is unlocked and needs to be locked.

  3. You need to be running certified builds. Lineage or eOS or any other custom rom will not support Google Pay.

  4. Install this SafetyNet test app from Play store and run it. It should say “Passed”. If not, there is something wrong with your build (2 and 3 above).