[ Troubleshooting ] Operating a Broken Touchscreen

In some cases, a broken touchscreen may work as a display, but not respond to touch. This can make it difficult to perform a backup or a factory reset, both of which are a good idea before a replacement.

As long as your screen is visible, a mouse can be used to control the phone, allowing you to unlock it and navigate the system to create a backup or perform a factory reset. To connect a mouse to a Teracube, you’ll need a USB-C to USB-A adapter, like a multi-port hub. It may work with a USB-C mouse or a USB-C to USB-A passive adapter cable, but these devices have not been tested.

Just connect the adapter to the USB-C port on the phone, plug the mouse into the adapter, and make sure the phone is turned on. Moving the mouse while the phone is locked should cause the phone to wake up to the lock screen, at which point you “swipe up” and type your PIN, if needed.

The USB-C hub linked below is known to work for this process, but any similar adapter should also work:


Thanks for the advice! This worked for me briefly. I was able to unlock my screen and start the phone using a mouse. However once the phone started, the pointer disappeared from the screen and the mouse laser turned off and hasn’t worked since despite reboots. I am on a Teracube 2e and using a Minix multiport adapter similar to the one linked.

Is there any way to pull out some logs to see what’s going on? Maybe with ADB?


Hi @subset_of_insanity - welcome to Teracube forums. This seems to be a corner issue - our setup keeps working through reboots, unplugs, etc. I’m checking with the team on how we can diagnose it. Meanwhile - does your adapter work with other PCs fine?

So here are the things to check:

  1. Is your adapter and mouse working with other computers or phones?

  2. Do you get a phone notification when you plug in the mouse?

  3. Can you share a bug report (link)?

  1. The adapter and mouse combo continues to work on my laptop.

  2. I do not get a notification on the screen when I plug the adapter into the phone and the mouse laser does not activate.

  3. I’m not clear on how I can get the bug report without a functional screen. It’s not showing up in adb devices so I’m guessing it’s not in usb debug mode. Is there any way to enable it? Fingerprint sensor is working, but I can’t enter my pin.

Unfortunately debugging might be difficult without a working screen. I would suggest to proceed with a warranty replacement by emailing support@myteracube.com .