[ Troubleshooting ] Operating a Broken Touchscreen

In some cases, a broken touchscreen may work as a display, but not respond to touch. This can make it difficult to perform a backup or a factory reset, both of which are a good idea before a replacement.

As long as your screen is visible, a mouse can be used to control the phone, allowing you to unlock it and navigate the system to create a backup or perform a factory reset. To connect a mouse to a Teracube, you’ll need a USB-C to USB-A adapter, like a multi-port hub. It may work with a USB-C mouse or a USB-C to USB-A passive adapter cable, but these devices have not been tested.

Just connect the adapter to the USB-C port on the phone, plug the mouse into the adapter, and make sure the phone is turned on. Moving the mouse while the phone is locked should cause the phone to wake up to the lock screen, at which point you “swipe up” and type your PIN, if needed.

The USB-C hub linked below is known to work for this process, but any similar adapter should also work:

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