Turning off the color icons in notifications?

One other feature that might be useful to some but not to me is turning off the color icons in the notifications. My 46-year-old eyes aren’t what they used to be… hard to distinguish what the various icons are… YouTube, solid red, Google News, solid blue… Well, the dark theme during night time, anyway, is very good, except for the color icons…

Maybe have them a lighter shade if they must be in color, at night?

Still, thanks for a rockin’ product!


We will make a note of this. On a related note, have you tried the Bedtime mode? It is enabled by the drop-down quick settings or under Settings > Sound > Do not disturb > Schedule. There is an option to switch everything to grayscale on a schedule (or even permanently :slight_smile:). That might be too much during the day though.

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@Sharad, I just enabled bedtime mode as I was writing this new thread!

I also couldn’t find a way to stop dark mode from turning on with battery saver on. Oops. Problem solved. But now, as bedtime does draw near for me, it will be enabled, I think, in another hour. I will check back.

But automatic dark mode will be another reason for me to put down the phone and get some darned sleep!)))

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I can confirm, the screen went grayscale at the appropriate time. I turned on the “Eye Care” feature, as maybe the grayscale feature wasn’t enough.

Welp, enough of this. Time to play some shut-eye “games.” :stuck_out_tongue:

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