UK Availability

The Teracube Team can’t seem to make their mind up. One minute the website directs you to Buy Me Once UK, the next it directs you to buy direct from Teracube (in US Dollars!), and then it directs you to Buy Me Once US which makes it impossible to get it shipped to the UK. Additionally, the text above the Buy link hasn’t been changed to indicate these changes.
For UK customers, I suggest buying from this link: It is more expensive than buying directly from Teracube with the exchange rate, but it’s probably easier.
While Buy Me Once probably charges a commission, I for one would much rather buy from them than have to go though currency conversion and adding VAT at checkout. Could you just settle on using Buy Me Once UK for the UK market?
Contacted customer services about this but my concerns were dismissed. I have already bought a new phone; I would love to buy from Teracube in future, but you will have to improve first!

Hi @Demetri - apologies for the late reply. Yes - the BuyMeOnce redirect on our website was causing some issues. We have fixed that and now UK orders can be placed on as well as on BuyMeOnce. All UK orders ship from local UK warehouse.