Upside down pictures - gyro problem?

So after updating the software (software uoodate 1) now as soon as I take a picture is takes it upside down.
Any fix to this or anyone els who have the same problem?


Edit: so after 3 days whit this problem I have now fixed it by resetting the phone 8 times. And also reseting the GPS trough Google maps.
Hope this help if anyone have the Same problem

FYI - I couldn’t get the camera problem to duplicate on any of ours.

Hmm veird. Any tips how to fix it? Also seems to have a problem whit the gyroscope so it won’t spinn after changing from side to face up in YouTube. (did that make any sense?)

Just for ruling things out… maybe try using a camera app off play store and see if it does the same thing.

Yes seems to be a problem whit the gyroscope becouse all camera apps now take pictures uppside down.

Don’t think it the camera, seems to be a gyro problem becouse it’s the samme on all camera app. Anyway to reset it?

Best regards Johan Ahlén

Or do you have the ussd code to reset the gyroscope? #0# dident work

It does sound like it’s a gyroscope problem - that’s not something I know much about.

Doing a search, I found two apps that might help:

Maybe one of these can help

Yes as you can see this shows me what I thought the first picture is me puting it on my table and the second one is me flipping it on it side. So the gyro seems to think that I am holding it uppside down no matter what I do…

Any more ideas?

Whit best regards Johan Ahlén

Worried it might be a hardware problem.

Sharad is on this forum, and he is with Teracube. Maybe he can help.

Aha sorry I though you where with the teracube team, yes will ask Sharad, don’t want to switch phone for at least 3 years so hopefully this is fixable.

Best regards Johan

Did this start for you after the update? Hmmm - that makes it more interesting. Have you tried a reboot already?

Yes many times. Haven’t done a Hard reset yet though.
Any ideas of a fix?

Whit best regards Johan Ahlén

What an interesting (and likely annoying) issue. I don’t have an answer, but just for giggles one thing to try would be to take a screenshot (press and hold power button, select screen shot from menu). I don’t know if image capture uses the same content for a picture or screenshot, but if by some bizarre chance the screenshot is also upside down it would eliminate the gyro

Hi yes. Screens shots was not uopsido down so it was a gyro problem.
Now after 2 days and using Google maps (don’t know if uppdating the GPS helped) its now back to normal!