USB Vehicle Connection

I have reported this before but can’t find a way to update it. Overall, the phone is working great, however, I cannot get a connection beyond charging in my truck. I have a 2016 F150 with SYNC. My previous phone, an iPhone 7+, connected with no issues whatsoever. Unfortunately, my Teracube will not. At best it will appear under audio sources for 1-2 seconds and disappears. Am I the only one with this problem? If so, is this something that can be resolved with a software update or is it a hardware issue?

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Could you please share the following :

  1. Your SYNC version - here is how to check.
  2. SYNC software version - here is how to check the software version
  3. Could you update your SYNC system. Here is how to update your Sync system.

In addition, here is a reference on how to get Sync3 Android Auto working (you might have done these steps already - still it might be beneficial to check)