UVC Platform Driver

Apparently, MTK devices often don’t include a UVC video driver, for unknown reasons.

However, in the sUAS/Drone space, this can be a HUGE impediment, as oftentimes streaming video links from sUAS platforms can employ UVC video.

Things like Solex, QGroundControl, Tower, etc expose this functionality.

Another app I wanted to test (Go FPV by Vertile) with this hardware (HP-FPANDROIDVRX) has a built-in UVC test and the TeraCube ROM does not pass.

Could you talk to the ODM and MTK to see if it would be feasible to get this included in an upcoming update?

I’d really hate to have to go back to using this and Android 5.1 just to use what few of my sUAS apps still work on it:

alot of information here seems old but maybe you can use it figure something out in the mean time: https://source.android.com/devices/camera/external-usb-cameras
also found out the chipset doesn’t support encoding of h.265, I have no idea how uvc works but can you set it to h.264 which has fully supported encoding and decoding on the Helio p60?

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Unfortunately, without a UVC driver, the device doesn’t even get to the point of initialization where video stream codec or container really matters.

Although, I did see some noise that UVC might be in some Android 10/11 ROMs again…