Version 11: Cannot turn on video in Zoom and third party apps error out when video is needed

I have a Teracube 2e and I believe it’s the zirconia build, although I bought it used so I’m not sure.

Since the first 11.0 upgrade, my video can no longer be enabled in Zoom. I get an error that the camera is already in use (although it is not).

The same thing happens in some third-party ID apps like Thirdfort.

This is a pretty frustrating bug. Support appreciated.

Hi @testingwithfire - could you confirm if its Zirconia unit. You can dial *#06# and scroll to check serial number. If Serial number starts with 2020, then its Zirconia and if it starts with 2021, then its emerald unit.

If Zirconia confirmed, can you install the latest 11.0.4 from here and check again.

Seems to be resolved for Zoom with the update! Thank you for nudging me to apply the update.

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