Very slow autofocus - can i speed it up?

Hi there, i tried to shot some photos for the other thread “Bluetooth problem in my car” but the camera is so slow in focusing that the message at the Car display disappeared.
Do you have some tuning hints?


Try Open Camera it seems to be much better camera experience. I found the default Camera ao slow with focusing as well.


Yes… It works much better. Top👍. Thanks a lot.


I was wondering this focus thing too, but not just in the camera app but many other apps as well. Like bank apps for mobile deposit, lotto ticket scanning. It seems the focus is very spotty and slow.

I haven’t had much luck with using different camera apps.

The main camera app has an issue with photos turning out blue when a flash is being used.

All camera apps I have tried have a focussing issue. It auto focusses, then blurs before I can take a photo, or it doesn’t focus at all.

This is the case with the default camera app, Open Camera, Camera MX and built in camera functionality within other apps such as Telegram, or QR barcode scanners and Google Lens.

When it comes to taking photos at night, it’s even worse… No focus in bad lighting leads to disasters for photos.

I didn’t expect the best camera, but at least have it be able to take a semi decent photo which is in focus would be nice. My previous entry level phone took better photos than the 2e.

Frankly, the camera is what I am most disappointed about in the 2e.