Vodaphone and 4G compatability

I have only had my 2e about six months and have been very pleased with it and was looking forward to a few years use. I am with Vodaphone and have been getting messages to say that my phone is not 4G compatible. Is this true? Seems a bit mad with a new phone. Is there anything I can do about it?

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Sorry for the trouble.

Are you able to post one of those messages so we may read it as well?

The 2e is absolutely 4G capable, as it is a 4G device, but carries can and do sometimes change their certified/allowed devices list, or rarely, change their bands in operation in certain cell regions.

Thank you for your reply. I am attaching a copy of Vodaphones email it would be good to get your thoughts on it.
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Hi @Vanda - can you check if you see a VoLTE icon or an HD icon at the top status bar? Another thing you can check is if you see a HD icon when you call someone.

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