VoLTE support?

Does the Teracube support VoLTE?

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Yes - Teracube does support VoLTE. The actual working will depend on the carrier since every carrier has its own requirements of what is allowed. Could you share which network you are using?

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Thanks, Sharad. WiFi calling as well?

MetroPCS is my carrier. Is there a list of carriers that support VoLTE and WiFi calling?

Update : Both VoLTE and VoWifi work with MetroPCS.

T-Mobile supports both VoLTE and VoWifi. Other T-Mobile MVNOs like Simple, Ting, etc should support VoLTE at the very least.

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Thank you for the help, Sharad. Let me know what you find. And I hope you and your team are staying safe.

I was just able to pop in the MetroPCS SIM. Both VoWifi and VoLTE are working fine.