Warranty Dates

Hello! I am looking at a new, unactivated Teracube right now from a private seller. It was not activated yet, nor apparently registered for the warranty so I have couple questions before I go further:

  1. When does the warranty coverage begin? Upon activation/registration or as soon as the phone leaves the hands of Teracube/ is sold?

  2. If it is not registered yet to anyone, will I be able to have the warranty transferred to me, or will I have to ask the seller to register it?

Our warranty coverage starts when the unit is delivered to the first/original buyer.

The first owner does not have to register the warranty. And the warranty can be transferred anytime during its term. For the warranty transfer, we need the first/previous owner to send us an email with the new owner’s information.

Email : support@myteracube.com.

Great! That is enough for me, and thank you so much for answering so quickly. I am confident that my experience with this phone will be a good one.

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