Warranty Dates

Hello! I am looking at a new, unactivated Teracube right now from a private seller. It was not activated yet, nor apparently registered for the warranty so I have couple questions before I go further:

  1. When does the warranty coverage begin? Upon activation/registration or as soon as the phone leaves the hands of Teracube/ is sold?

  2. If it is not registered yet to anyone, will I be able to have the warranty transferred to me, or will I have to ask the seller to register it?

Our warranty coverage starts when the unit is delivered to the first/original buyer.

The first owner does not have to register the warranty. And the warranty can be transferred anytime during its term. For the warranty transfer, we need the first/previous owner to send us an email with the new owner’s information.

Email : support@myteracube.com.

Great! That is enough for me, and thank you so much for answering so quickly. I am confident that my experience with this phone will be a good one.


In regards to the email, what info do you need to transfer the warranty?

We need the original order details and the email addresses of the original buyer and the new owner.

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Where is the order number? Apart from the email, what other info would be required of the new owner?

Thank you.

Your order number will be your Kickstarter/Indiegogo backer id (typically you can get it from your pledge confirmation or dashboard). Or if you placed the order on myteracube.com or some other retailer, then it will be in your order confirmation.

Regarding the new owner, their name and email address are sufficient to get going.

Thank you.