Warranty Not Covered?

I had to pay $6 for access point at UPS Store to get the replacement phone. Ok?
No return label?
Add $13.40 to return the fingerprint-scanner-not-working-phone.

What happened to two-way shipping at no cost?

Hi @Antero - please reply to your Teracube email thread with those fees - the team will be glad to issue a reimbursement to you.

All 5000 UPS stores in the US have a central management who manage this “exchange” program for us. We pay the central team and they pay the individual UPS stores.
However, this fee issue (like yours) happens occasionally with some UPS stores who are not fully onboard with their program. Whenever this happens, we reimburse the customer and then the Teracube team follows up with the UPS store management.

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Understood. Thank you.

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