Has anyone had any luck receiving help on the phone warranty? My phone started shutting off on its own last week. On Friday night, the phone was at 88 percent charge. On Saturday morning, the phone had shut itself off. It would not turn on nor charge. It was completely dead! I tried several different chargers and tried doing a reset with no results. The only reply I have received from Teracube was to try a different charger. I need a phone for work. One reason I bought the Teracube 2e was due to the 4 year “Premium” warranty. It sure doesn’t seem very premium to me. I’m sorry I bought a Teracube. This is a warning to others who are considering the purchase of the phone.

Hi @George70 - sorry to hear about your phone. My colleagues go through a basic checklist to try out few things before we repair/replace a phone. In order to save time, you can reply that you have done the basics - different chargers, reset, etc so that they can expedite the process. You can also live chat with us at myteracube.com Mon-Fri 9-5 Pacific time.

I received my replacement phone today. I was under the impression that the replacement phone under warranty would be at no cost. I’m not sure why I was charged $5.00 by UPS for picking up the phone. I think I’m done with Teracube. Nice phone, but the worst customer service in the world.

Hi @George70 - we are sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good experience. Please do provide feedback on how we can improve. Regarding the $5 charged by the UPS store - that’s a rare occurrence where the UPS store associates are not aware of their internal script. We reimburse the customers in these cases - you can just reply to the email.

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