Weather app not working and need to remove

Hello. The weather screen app is not working correctly so want to remove as it cannot properly input my location. How can I remove it from home screen?//thanks

Hi @Harold - welcome to Teracube forums. The weather screen app is provided by Google. If you are not able to use it, then you have few options:

  1. See if you can remove the widget that shows weather. Tap and hold that area to see if you can drag it to “Remove”.
  2. You can install alternate launchers from Google play store like Nova launcher, Microsoft launcher or open source Lawnchair v2.

And Google Play? Wow. I like phone but there are laws in US that cover deceptive trade practices.

Jun 29, 2022 9:36:02 AM

Sorry - could you please elaborate on what you mean by that? The weather widget is a feature provided by Google - Teracube has not added any logic there. If it is not working, then my suggestion was to replace the home screen app.


Well the app did not work and there was no way to remove it. It would not find my local city in address field…it does now work OK using Geolocation even tho not as accurate.

Until a few days ago you could not delete the weather widget app on my phone. This is the kind of Google junk we wanted to rid ourselves of, the ability to eliminate Google apps that we did not want and was installed as default on-screen.

I do like the phone…just a bit quirky which was expected.

Thank you for response, albeit a little late but with sales going up can understand.



Also…how would you replace home screen app?//thx

Here are some launchers (aka homescreen apps) on Google play store. Once you install one of them and press the home button, Android will give you the option to switch your home screen to the new app.