Weather App Suggestions

I’m used to Android phones that have a weather app of some sort pre-installed, but I see none on the 2e.

This is subjective of course, but what weather app do you use on your 2e?

I use Your Local Weather: (Google Play mirror: )

Best when combined with OpenLauncher (Google Play version is very outdated, but F-Droid still receives updates), which (among other things) lets you adjust how many rows/columns your home screen has. Makes it easier to fit a good-sized weather widget in while still having room for apps.

(On my previous phone I used Geometric Weather, but on the Teracube 2e it gives a vague “not compatible with your device” error. I check back every so often to see if the mysterious problem has resolved: Your Local Weather is okay, but I would still prefer Geometric Weather if possible.)

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I know it defaults to DFW specific, but the KDFW application is the best/least spammed weather application I’ve used.

I use Today Weather, day-to-day. You can choose source for weather info, and it has a lot of options. Free version works great, with minimal ads. Premium version is an option. During tornado season I rely on a local weather station’s app as it has great radar with storm tracks.

I live a few miles away from any standard weather stations and in a bit of a microclimate, so most standard weather apps aren’t always accurate even in terms of precipitation or temperature. Because of this, I’m a fan of YoWindow. I picked up Unlimited ( when it was on sale, but if you don’t mind some ads or you’re curious about the stations available, the free version ( was perfectly adequate before I upgraded.