What about Teracube One users who want the Teracube 2e?

Wanted to know if Teracube users will get a discount if they trade their Teracube One in for a 2e. I don’t mind paying 99 for an upgrade.

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I don’t know if I would consider it an upgrade. Wait till the specs come out and then make a decision. You can just buy the new phone for 99 bucks with the campaign and have both phones if you wanted. Or you could sell your teracube for $200 and buy the E2 for no money out of pocket.


I ordered one of the new ones for $163 shipped (Canadian) it’s worth it to me for a spare also to show to friends etc. I love the removable battery and hope to be able to buy and extra as I at times can power through my battery life with using my phone like a high end PC. Lol.