What carrier delivered your USA 2e? (shipping)

Hello, I’m seeing that folks have gotten their 2e now and when I check my shipping updates the last update was quite a while ago, and says “Shipment received at collection point for Pickup”.

I live in a rural part of Alaska, and packages arrive to different places depending on who they were shipped with. So I’m wondering, anyone who received a teracube 2e in the USA already, what shipping carrier finished the delivery in the US? UPS? the USPS? Fed-Ex?

This will be helpful in tracking down where my phone may be waiting for me. Thanks for your help if you can.


The final carrier ended up being USPS for me. Hope that helps!

USPS would be great if that’s the case. Easily the most reliable in remote AK. Thanks for responding!

No problem! If you have the DHL tracking number, typing it on their site. You should see on the far right side in a box “Tracking ID” which should be a valid USPS tracking number, if it’s being shipped USPS! Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten mine yet either. I’m in NC. My last shipping update said that it arrived in New York from Hong Kong on 10 Feb. And there it sits if the tracking has been properly updated. I checked the DHL website and found that USPS is supposed to be the carrier, but they are “currently awaiting package.” Patience is a virtue I hear.

DHL+USPS combination has been mostly reliable except few shipments. If your order has not arrived within 4-5 business days of the estimate then please do reach out to us via email at support@myteracube.com.


My phone arrived! Is ended up being USPS, and I think it honestly may have just been sitting in the back of the post office since the 6th when it said so in the tracking. Ha.

Thanks for your replies everyone. Excited to start using the phone


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