What is system update "Teracube 2e_EEA_01_selftest"?

Currently the updater of my 2e offers the update “Teracube 2e_EEA_01_selftest” from 22. December 2020 for installation. But it fails to update/install. Anybody knows what this is? Can this be ignored?


Please ignore this. Thanks for letting us know. This was a dev-test and the team is removing it asap.

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I still get it offered in my updater. Do I have to remove it somehow locally?

Could you clean the cache by going in Settings => Apps => Show system apps => Teracube Updater => Clear data.

Thanks, that helped. When will there be a real security update?

Once SW13/14 is confirmed for non-EU users, then we can have a EEA update as well. Expect something in about 4-6 weeks.


My phone has that update installed somehow. Os there any way I could update It to the latest version? No Matter how many times I try to hit the update button on the Teracube updater app, It just doesnt show me any available update.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @PepiGI - welcome to Teracube forums. That update/build is benign and is same as EEA_01. The EEA2 build was in Beta but has been rolled back due to some bugs. So yes - there is no update available right now.