What is the plan going forward for Teracube?

I would be interested to know what the plan is going forward? I’m hoping you release a teracube 3 sometime in the future, providing a significantly better chip set for the teracube. In the US at least, you have no real compitition when it comes to eco friendly phones, and a phone with a decent hardware would interest me at least.
That being said, I do still like the idea of the teracube 2e continuing to receive support, and not splitting up your consumers (buy the teracube 2 or the 3?). But the teracube 2 does seem a bit outdated in terms of hardware (still bought one just to try it out).

Hi @habahnow - welcome to Teracube and thanks for getting on board :heart:. All that is indeed on our roadmap for future models - no timelines as of yet though :).


That is great to hear.
I have so far greatly enjoyed the teracube 2e. I was worried that it was going to be fairly useless, but so far it has felt fine.
I hope the next iteration is even better.


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