What phone cases fit the 2e?

So just a few minutes ago I was trying to take the back off my phone to see what version it was (it was a 2020 btw) when all of a sudden the screen came off the phone. I spazzed out and pushed it back into the phone which seems to be holding for the time being. I’m not entire sure what to replace but I’ll be getting replacement parts of some kind so I can repair this thing or find somebody who will repair it. The screen seems to be working fine for right now.

With that said, does anybody know of any phones that are similar to the 2e where I can get a better case than what came with the phone? I never liked the case I had. This is the first phone since 2008 where the phone came apart. I tried doing a search on here and was overwhelmed with the results that came back. I tried looking on the website for phone cases but the site is confusing and was unable to find anything phone case related.

It seems like the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G might almost just fit.

As of now, the black and green cases available on our site are the only options. Here is the direct link

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