What phone cases will fit the Teracube 2e?

So my biodegradable protective case is on its last leg, held together right now with duct tape. Which phone case sizes (like a samsung model) will fit the Teracube 2e? While I love that the case is biodegradable, it’s a bit TOO biodegradable. IF the case has been improved sicne about 2 years ago when I got mine, then I’d be willnig to buy it. But otherwise, I def wanna know which cases will fit it. thanks.


My original biodegradable case died at the end of 2022 (so roughly two years of life) and I bought two green cases to replace the one original case I received with my phone. The green cases arrived in January 2023 and I’m still using the first case I put on. It’s holding up very well. If my green #1 case ends up dying the way my original black one did (a crack across the back where the case bends when putting the case n and off the phone) then I’ll have some good info on how it’s holding up. Right now (16 months along) it’s going great.