What SD cards are supported?

What class of SD card is minimum and what class is the best?

Silicon Power 256GB R/W up to 100/ 80MB/s Superior Pro microSDXC UHS-I (U3), V30 4K A1, High Speed MicroSD Card with Adapter https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07S5T7YR5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_0NWuEbG7EJXRM

This is the one I got… it seems to be just as fast as the internal storage. The specs are 256gb UHS-1 (U3) V30 A1 … the only better is a A2 for speed but pay a lot more for it. This was 41.99cdn on Amazon (Canada)
You can buy better name brand cards but decided to go with this one as had good reviews.

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Phone should support Class 10, UHS-1 Class 1, and UHS-1 Class 3. We have tested a 256GB Class 10 from Gigastone. @Frontpage32’s card seems to be even faster at UHS-1 Class 3 (30Mbit/s).

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The reason I chose the faster one was cost and if I want to transfer off the SD card to computer via USB 3 micro SD card reader.
When in error I setup the micro SD card as my main storage it ran just as fast as my phone does now (even a few of the apps got moved over) with main storage being used. I know it is over kill but I look at it based on size (amount of gb), cost, performance, reliability (quality). The phone may not be able to use the card to the full extent but as a computer junky I look at bottle necks when I build them for friends and family. By buying one that is over spec’d at s good price than appears to be of decent quality, I can ensure that the card will allow the max the phone has to offer.

A bit of note when I transfered from my computer to the card it did shave off a few min when I moved the 100gb of data vs when it was transfered to the internal storage.
Knowing the phone is already using the internal storage can account for this discrepancy. This is the fastest removable storage I have ever had and makes me wonder why not have upgradable permanent storage for phones. (Modular) other than confusing for the less advanced users.