When is the next Teracube phone coming out?

I’m wondering because it’s been quiet and I’m wondering when is the next phone to come out because neither the One or the 2e is powerful vs enough to last a couple of years especially considering the fact that apps in general are getting more consuming.

Good question but I suspect with pandemic and working to get android 12 up and going it’s a bit lower on the priority list. But I know someone was asking what we would like to see. A number of months ago. Would be cool to see if they have an outline of what the next phone could look like. :+1::grin:

Lasting a couple years depends on your usage. No, they’re not going to play the “best” games, but they’re adequate for calls/text/social media. I’d guess that’s 75-80% of “smartphone” users purpose for phones. The only issues I see with longevity are the mediocre cameras and lack of 5G compatibility.

As for when the next phone by Teracube will be unveiled, I’m guessing 2023. Last I read the global chip shortage is probably going to last until the fourth quarter of 2022.

All I can say is :zipper_mouth_face: :slight_smile: .

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