Where are the full list of specs for the 2e?

The full list of specs for the 2e seem very sketchy. Nowhere is there a complete list and having to do a search in the forums for simple answers like what is the maximum micro sd card supported for the 2e should not be buried in the forums. The manual is very sparse, the website doesn’t have a complete list of all the specs, and it shouldn’t be a mystery nor be an afterthought left up to users to share this information.

Please post the full set of specs for the 2e somewhere where it’s obvious.

They’ve posted the full specs on here. I just found a link:

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thank you
what about

  • the maximum size of the micro sd card supported
  • waterproof or not and if so, what kind of waterproofing
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No idea, I haven’t heard anything about it, but I doubt it at this price point.

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There are some neat coating products like this one below.

They have started a guide section so they could easily add full specs there and you can use Knowledge Explorer. Biggest issue with forums is often people do not use the search bar. The team though can also maybe add Custom Header Links theme component for added ease of use @admins @Team

Aida64 in the Playstore is a good

Hello @sanjsrik,

From reading in the forum the officially supported SD-card size by the spec is 128GB, however, some have reported having 256GB SD-cards work without issue.

Regarding being waterproof – I would say absolutely not, the back of the phone is plastic and comes off, this is one of the primary unique features of the phone, as such there is nothing to keep water from getting to the battery or into the phone. The idea also is if you were to drop it and damage it in water, they do provide their low cost repair services for 3 years, so you would take advantage of that if you were to have an accident with your phone.

Also, please don’t confuse waterproof with ‘waster resistant’. of course you should be able to use the phone in a semi-humid environment, but you shouldn’t submerge it in water.

My 2 cents.



Thanks for the tips on forums. Will look into those. Keep the ideas flowing for any forum suggestions. On the same note, @robert is working on some neat changes which will go live in few weeks.


Thanks Sharad as a forum admin on OpenMR can help with ideas. Another plugin you might find useful is bbcode as it adds more options like color, left, center, right justify.

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