Why customer service is so bad

I been facing issue on my ticket (6172 and 6173) i submitted last Friday and did not heard anything on that ticket. Customer agent over chat said it will take 2-5 business days to get replacement. Trying to reach them no replies now on ticket or over chat. Can someone help me understand why customer service is so bad?

Remember, COVID puts a LOT of pressure on call centers right now. Also, business days are days of the week like Monday through Friday. They do not include Saturday and Sunday. So, if you submitted your ticket Friday, you are actually now only on day 1 of ticket resolution, not day 3. I would just keep trying to get ahold of them. Things are tough right now.

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Hi @lokesh_yadav - we try to handle all queries within 24 business hours. Your accident replacement unit was shipped out via UPS today. And my colleague @robert emailed you today with the instructions. Please check.


thanks for information Sharad. posted this i was been informed within 1 hr i will get tracking info which was not provided until Monday afternoon, and there was not update on ticket. Finally i have got all info and good to see your response to get things speedup. Appreciate it.

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COVID affected all and i understand. Thank you for checking and help.