Why do you want a waterproof phone?

I’ve been reading the feature request threads and I’m surprised and how often “waterproof” comes up. REALLY? What’s going on in your lives? Are you all fishermen or storm-chasers?

I suspect most people don’t need a waterproof phone and moreover, “waterproof” is antithetical to the whole reparability thing. I’ve had waterproof phones before and even then I would put it in a plastic bag inside a plastic bag when canoeing/kayaking.

I don’t necessarily need “waterproof” but the ability to survive a Summer day downpour would be nice. I say Summer day because then I’m less likely to have a coat or bag to put it in to protect it. I don’t see the Teracube 2e surviving that, and I’d rather not test it. I know other people have lost phones to downpours, especially if they weren’t expecting a heavy rain.

you are right about repair, sure. but i know alot of people (including myself) who lost their phone after dropping it accidentally into water (and no: no water sports done). so no: waterproof mobiles tend to last longer. it’s an ethically a good idea.


I’m not sure this statement is true but thanks for the perspective.

the mobile i dropped was quite new. because it wasnt waterproof it last some month. my last phone which i bought second hand was >6y old when i switched to the 2e.

a sudden death always shortens lifetime… :wink:

Well, what I can think off the top of my head are situations involving:
Wet hands.
Dropping/falling in the toilet.
Needing to use in the shower or during a rainy night.
Accidentally pouring drinks over it.

Thanks Potato.

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