Why no CDMA support?

What is the reason CDMA carriers are not supported? Any chance of this changing?

You should investigate becoming a device supported by CREDO Mobile. They are a very progressive mobile company that donates a portion of their revenue to progressive social causes. Seems right up Teracube’s alley!

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Extremely expensive to get certified, and on its way out. Search the forum for further discussion of this.

According to PCMag’s article, “Verizon will turn off its CDMA network and T-Mobile will turn off its 2G GSM network by the end of 2020. In 2021, AT&T and T-Mobile will keep their 3G networks in very low-bandwidth modes mostly designed to support devices like electric meters and vending machines. Now that T-Mobile owns Sprint, it’s likely to do the same with Sprint’s old CDMA network. That means 2G/3G reception and call quality will likely be poor, if you get a signal at all. It’s a 4G LTE world now, and if you aren’t in it yet, it’s time to switch over.”