Why not use plastic screens?

Is there a reason to use a glass screen over a plastic one with a glass screen protector? Surely that would have the best of both worlds as it wouldn’t smash (just the screen protector would) and it wouldn’t scratch due to the glass protector. That way if someone drops their phone they don’t need to replace the whole screen, just the protector. Happy to hear anyone’s thoughts on this idea :relaxed:


Optical clarity for plastic can be tough, and I’m not sure there has been a mass-market plastic capacitive touch screen, only resistive, which many folks now would not tolerate.

I’m fairly sure the Nintendo switch has a plastic capacitivescreen but optical clarity is something I hadn’t thought of

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Great thinking @ChildishGiant. We did explore almost the same idea a few months back :slight_smile: - a plastic screen underneath with a glass screen protector. As @Saijin_Naib pointed out, technology doesn’t seem ready at this point in time. Maybe we will pick it up once we have higher volumes to drive our own supply chain.


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