Wi-Fi and Microsoft Launcher issues after Cache Parition Reset

TeraCube One - SW6 Software/Firmware

Wi-Fi disconnects periodically (every hour or so)
Microsoft Launcher goes black when using setting for horizontal scrolling of background image

No issues noted prior, did cache resets on both devices as matter of course after updates/installs

After cache reset, issues above surfaced on BOTH devices in the exact same manifestation.

That is strange indeed - cache reset should usually help with issues rather than cause them.

Microsoft launcher - can you clear its storage and cache under Settings > App

For Wifi, have you tried Forget and re-connect?

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Microsoft Launcher:
Did that on both devices, did internal (app-based) reset as well, and full uninstall -> QuickPad -> Reinstall and issue persists.

Done as well, no change.

Logcat Inquiry:
What would I be looking for with logcat?

I have USB debugging over ADB turned on and can use QTADB to watch logcat.

We can always try clearing cache again and factory reset to fix the issues. While I’m tempted to suggest that right away - taking a look at logs might be helpful as well. Could you do the following:

  1. Reboot the phone.
  2. Start logcat collection on a PC.
  3. Repro the issue(s).

You can then zip the logs and either Message them to me or email them to support@myteracube.com.

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After a few days it seems to have calmed itself down.

I am absolutely at a loss here.

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