Wifi connection issues - (Traveling in France)

Traveling to France for the week. Roaming/data seems to work, but having trouble connecting to certain wifi spots. Airport wifi worked (both departure & arrival), but not in the AirBnB. The router here is a stock one from Altice. My other devices connect without a problem.

Teracube 2e with the Android 11 update successfully installed last week. Any ideas? Clearing the cache did not work. Would rather avoid trying a factory reset, especially since it connected to WiFi a few hours ago.


Few things to try:

  1. Forget the network, reboot and try again.
  2. Try resetting your network settings. Goto Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options. Click on the “Reset wifi, mobile & Bluetooth”. Reboot and retry connecting to the wifi network.

If these do not work, then we will need to diagnose it further. Could you share logs (instructions).

Temporarily, you could do the following:

  1. Use a hotspot from a laptop or another phone. At least Android phones can share their wifi connection as a hotspot.
  2. Not the best - go back to Android 10 using SP Flash. If you are going to do this, please do share logs first.