WiFi continuously resets on 2e

I just received my 2e. In setting it up, I noticed that after about 30 minutes the phone starts dropping wifi and changing networks. The phone serial number is 202011T2E000440. All other wifi phones OK. Please advise.

Few questions:

  1. Does your place have multiple wifi networks with different SSIDs? Or does it have a mesh wifi network?
  2. Can you tell us the brand(s) of your wifi routers?

I have two networks and an extender on one. So three access points.

  1. Could you share the brands of your Wifi APs?
  2. Is 2e shuffling between the APs?
    2.1 Is it better if you put only 1 SSID on 2e?
  3. Can you check if you have fast roaming enabled? If yes, could you try disabling it?

Sharad - I believe the problem may be AP related. I will contact ATT. If I have a repeat incident I will be in touch. Thanks!

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