WiFi failing?

Hi, I just recently began to have an issue with WiFi disconnecting on my T1, sometimes the WiFi will last an hour, sometimes 5 minutes, but it always stops functioning at some point until WiFi is turned off and then turned back on (it used to require a phone reboot before updating software a few hours ago). I have had the same routers in use since before my T1 and until this week there has never been an issue.

today I upgraded to the A10.0.1 to see if anything would change and the only difference is not having to fully reboot the phone to get WiFi to work again.

I have 3 different routers in my house and separate 2ghz/5ghz ssids for each. I can join any of the networks and switch between them right after starting wifi, but after a failure reconnecting or switches networks always fails.

I created this new thread as the other WiFi keeps disconnecting was focused on mesh networks, while my routers are all basic units (although it won’t connect to Comcast xfinity wifi (public wifi hotspots from my ISP) either after it fails)

Hi @chris_brown - does staying on one of the routers help? Maybe 1 of the routers is causing the issue - could you try to isolate.

No, I was exclusively using 1 when the problem started, I have multiple but typically only used 1 because it had the best placement.

The day the issue started my T1 and my T2 were both on the same wifi at the same time when the T1 dropped.

I had gotten the T2 so I could have A10, and because I had poor Bluetooth performance on my T1. After the update my to A10 both my original issues with the T1 are fixed but the wifi dropping is a brand new issue :frowning:

Could you share your router brand/model? Also please try connecting to a different router.

Well it happened on all routers I would try last week including public WiFi and neighbors systems. Not sure what changed but the problem seems to have stopped, the last disconnect was approx. 30 hours ago.

I’ll come back and update this if the problem comes back, but I didn’t change anything so I’m not confident the problem is really gone. But its probably impossible to troubleshoot when it isn’t having the issue.

Since it was happening on all routers, it may have been a temporary state issue. Lets wait to see if it happening again.