Wifi keeps disconnecting; disabled network

For many months now, my wifi keeps randomly disconnecting. Often, it just disconnects and has no message. Other times, it labels my network as “disabled”.

This happens both at home (Google wifi) and at the office (not sure what router they use). It also happened at a hotel once.

With Android 9, I set a Tasker job to detect when wifi disconnected. Then, it would wait 1 minute, turn wifi off and turn it back on again. That worked, so I stopped thinking about it. In Android 10, however, google removed Tasker’s ability to control wifi, so now I have to do it manually.

I’ve also tried the reset wifi function in android settings.

I noticed a 2020 thread about this issue, but the resolution seemed to be ‘wait for Android 10’. So, I’m starting a new thread because it’s likely something different.

wifi mac address: 3c:fa:d3:90:03:58
Android 10, build QP1a.190711.020


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Hi @Bart_Peintner - T1 disconnection issue with Google wifi is a known issue. Your tasker solution was a good workaround. I have asked the Dev team if we can create a similar solution for A10 as a system app. Might take some time though. Will follow up here once I know more.