Will there be more?

I’m not necessarily asking when there will be more Teracube 2es available, but I’d like to know if they will again be available. I wish to buy one, but I need to be able to buy it before February as 3G is being discontinued and I will need to get a new phone right then.

Hi @KavusKazian - welcome to Teracube forums. We are expecting the next batch to arrive mid-December. We will keep everyone posted as things can change quickly with everything that’s happening around supply chain :slight_smile:. Do sign up for email notifications on the product page Teracube - The Sustainable Smartphone With A 4 year Warranty

Oh yes, I did that already. Thanks for offering $30 off the phone for doing that by the way, that makes it much more affordable for me.

Hey, any update? Sorry to bother, just hoping I don’t have to buy a temporary dumbphone when 3G gets shut off.

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Logistics keeps becoming a nightmare. We are hoping to relaunch sales within Jan (US first followed by Canada. UK and EU will be 2-3 weeks after US)


Torally understandable. It seems like everyone is having issues with that lately. Well thanks for letting me know, I’ll hang on and wait for more info later. :slight_smile:

I completely understand your logistical problems, and know you may not have a firm availability schedule. My current phone is literally falling apart, after 4+ years, and I’ll need to buy a new one within the next week. I’d love to buy the Teracube 2e . . . are you able to advise me on whether to wait a few days or just go ahead and order something else?

You could just do what I plan on doing if it’s not ready by the time 3G gets shut off. I plan to just buy a cheap minimal ‘dumb’ phone, and use that for calls and texts until the 2e is back. Plus then I’ll have a backup phone for emergencies.

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Not a bad idea. But I’d feel bad buying two phones when my reason for wanting the 2e is to minimize my environmental impact.

That’s a good point, which is why I’m waiting as long as possible. Hopefully I won’t have to do that.

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If you’re in the US, they’re in stock right now.

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But the price went up by 50%, from $199 to $299!

Yeah, wow what happened? I never got an email saying they were back in stock, and it said I’d get $30 off when that happens, but instead they’re $100 more?


My situation exactly!

I went ahead and bought one anyway. Almost no one is making phones that come with unlocked bootloaders and that are meant to be repairable, and I want to support any company that does.

Also, most likely the price increase is due to circumstances out of their control.