Won't charge/turn on, is it the charging cable?

My phone seems to have turned into a brick; no indication it’s charging and can’t turn on.

I had a couple accidents that could have caused this (briefly exposed to running water a month ago, and the other incident when it fell only a few inches while charging and in its case, which happened the night before it stopped working) but I’m wondering if maybe my charging cable wasn’t the right type all along.

The cable had been working with the terracube, and the cable still works for other devices, but it’s just a cheap dollarstore cable, so I have no idea if it’s what the terracube needs generally.

My computer still detects the terracube if I plug it in, although it keeps connecting/disconnecting.

Much thanks

I had to return my new 2e because it wouldn’t charge at all and wasn’t detected by computers out of the box – we determined it was a bad USB-C port connection in the phone. Possibly you are experiencing a less-severe manifestation of the same problem?

Any clue if the port itself was faulty or the internal connections were at fault?

Did you opt to get a replacement terracube, if not what did you settle for?

No, not sure if it was the port or connection. I’m guessing connection, because the port should be pretty solid-state?
I opted for replacement. I need a phone that has VoLTE compatibility when it is forced on us by US telecoms next year, and I like many things about the Teracube, especially that I can get /e/ OS installed out of the box.

It could be both - either the cable has gone bad or the phone’s charging port got damaged due to water or something else. Getting hold of another cable would be advisable before we proceed with a replacement.