Would it be possible for the team to remove the storage restrictions in an update?

I didn’t realize until a factory reset I did that the new “privacy protection” storage restrictions in android 11 and beyond absolutely BREAK a lot of my apps that I’ve been using for years.

My alarm app can’t read my download folder to pick random music to play. The app I’ve been using to write has switched to a system where it stores all its files in a “private directory” that the user is barred from accessing in any way (which caused me to lose the last 4 months of my work!), I can’t use an old app that I paid for to tag my music, etc.

I see absolutely no benefit on the user side in restricting access to app files. You don’t even have the option to turn it off or override it unless you root! Would you guys be able to remove that yourselves in an update sometime down the line?

I’ll ask Devs to take a look and respond back.

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I believe this simply requires being rooted and using the proper Magisk or Xposed module.

Only problem with that is that I’ll have to unlock my bootloader, and that requires another reset…

If there is no developer option for this, then we might not be able to circumvent what Google added for privacy purposes. Our builds need to stay compliant with GMS certification.

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