Yubico support?

I purchased a Yuibco MFA key that was typeA and nfc. Similar to the freestyle issue, it wants to take a VERY long time to acknowledge it. I’m not sure if this is an issue with my phone or if it’s an NFC standard not properly supported.

It didn’t work with USB but I think that’s a MicroG issue Support for U2F / Fido2 / webauthn? · Issue #849 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub

I was wondering if anyone else can confirm these issues between the NFC problem and using it via USB

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To be clear, you’re using /e/OS, correct?

What version are you on?

Sorry for the late response and also apologizes for forgetting the stock Teracube rom has full Google integration. You are correct it is the /e/ rom so that’s more the issue with that. The other thing I’d like a confirmation on is if it’s a known issue that hardware wise, yubico keys struggle to be read. I know support said NFC tags work perfectly but for every NFC device I have, it’s hit or miss when I hold it against the antenna. It’s never instant and can take up to 30 seconds before I hear the NFC noise.

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I’ve not experienced issues with NFC on my Android 10/11 2e units, no. Are you using a different case, or perhaps a Qi/wireless charging add-on that might interfere with the NFC antenna?

Do you mind sharing the exact model of the Yubico you are using?

Also, have you checked for Yubico issues or reached out on the /e/ Community?

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It’s a Yubico FIDO Amazon.com

I’m not using anything 3rd party with the phone. I didn’t see anything mentioned in the /e/ community since I guess it’s too niche of an issue. It may be the rom but I hold it on the back and it’s super, super finnicky for it to vibrate and play that tune that an NFC device was detected and never follows up on it. Thanks for letting me know you haven’t experienced any issues like that to narrow down the culprit.

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Do you have any other phones to test the Yubico against, and to be clear, you’ve tested it without the case on the 2e and it is still finicky?

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