2021 2e vs 2022 2e

I have seen posts on the differences between the two and am aware of the price differences.
Price aside which one is better? I’m interested in using /e/ os and know that it is currently not available on the 2022 version (and that Lineage is). But it seems like /e/ will become available on the 2022 version eventually. Is the main advantage of the 2022 version simply that it has Android 11 and so is more up to date and so less prone to malware? Does having /e/ os on the 2021 version make it just as “up to date” as the 2022 version wihout /e/.

Hi @bluephone - specs-wise there is no difference at all. What might matter though is that we are only selling the new batch (2022) now. 2021 is all sold out (you may find used units).

And yes, lineage is out for the 2022 version with /e/ hopefully coming out soon.

FYI - /e/ OS can now be installed on 2nd batch T2e. Read more here.