2e other caller can't hear me

I’m writing here in the hope someone has had this problem. I have emailed tech support but their offer to replace [at a fee of $59 US plus postage from Australia and who knows how long turnaround] is unsatisfactory.

So here goes - received my phone in February. Great phone, but it drops out ie the caller on the other end can’t hear me. Last month I got really sick of this little niggle so contacted tech support. Try these things [ Basic Troubleshooting ] Battery life or other unexpected issues

So I cleared cache, nothing, then the other end stopped being able to hear me at all. So I factory reset, this achieved nothing. Reboot into safe mode - I made one call and other end could hear, then a few more test calls to my voicemail - when I replay I can hear nothing. Factory reset again, did not install any extra apps - no result. Enter safe mode, one call to my voicemail and yes I could hear the call when I listened back, repeat, nothing. Tested video camera - the mic works perfectly [sounds pretty good actually]

Surely there is a solution - if the mic works, and it sometimes works in safe mode?

Have to say, the below offer did not thrill me - I’d be out of pocket for a phone that never worked properly and by my estimation wait a month to get a new one [return post from Australia]. Bought the phone largely due to the four year warranty, thought it would be a good basic smartphone, maybe not a flagship type device but was hoping to be able to make phone calls. The warranty page states no cost for no factory defect, which mine has.

Here is our warranty process (International):

  1. Customer is responsible for shipping the damaged phone to our address.

  2. You can make a payment of USD 59 to us at [this link]

  3. Please [factory reset] the phone and ship it in a safely packaged box.

  4. We will ship you a replacement unit once we receive yours.

Hi @danmckay - I’m sorry for the issue you are facing. However, the team has given the right response. Our warranty with 2-way free shipping is only applicable in a select set of countries (does not include Australia at this point in time). We had mentioned it clearly on our Indiegogo page and it is there on our product page on the website as well. Providing warranty support with free 2-way shipping is a very expensive endeavor (we might be among a handful number of companies who do this) and that is why we have to make sure we can sustain it before we expand to any region.