2e wifi disconnecting?

I am having a similar issue with my new 2e. the wifi antenna seems busted or something.

I have a netgear AC1750 router.

Could you give more details on what is happening? Is it a mesh wifi system?

PS: moved this post to a new topic since it may not be related to T1

Well I’m simply trying to use my home wifi as my internet connection while I’m at home. I’m using a netgear ac1750. Not a mesh network.

Basically my signal strength on my phone is never 100%, and there is a huge dropoff in signal strength 15 feet away, unobstructed. It loses/drops wifi connectivity a LOT

Few questions:

  1. Have you tried both 2.4G and 5G wifi?
  2. Do you happen to have any other router that you can try the phone with? This will tell us if it is an incompatibility or a hardware antenna issue.
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do you mean 2.4 or 5G on the router? or is there some setting on my phone?

I just did try with a rackspace_EXT, and it seems to have a bit better connectivity from similar distance

This is a router thing. Does your Netgear ac1750 router have separate SSIDs for 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi? Logging into the router dashboard should reveal this information.

Is 2e the only device in your home having this issue?

the 2e is the only device having issues.

Yes it has 2 separate SSIDs… which i just learned, lol. its my roommates router, and he didnt tell me the SSID for 5G until now. LOL.

I just ran a speedtest and right next to the router im Getting 255Mb down. 15 ft away, unobstructed, im getting 128Mb down. for my purposes its fine, but it seems there is a sharp dropoff in connectivity in a short distance.

Thanks for helping me with this

It look like resetting the cache partition somehow helped. im not getting the super sharp connectivity falloff anymore. Thanks!