[Advanced Users Only][Android 12L][Teracube 2e 1st Batch (SN: 2020)] CipherOS 3.8 [zirconia]

NOTE : These builds ONLY WORK for the Teracube 2e 1st batch (SN: 2020), and not 2nd batch (SN:2021). Please read the differences here carefully and flash accordingly.

CipherOS is a Android Custom OS, Based On AOSP, Striving to Provide its Users, A Clean, Bloat free & Sturdy Experience with Minimal Customization.

All source-code of CipherOS is available on Cipher OS · GitHub

What works?

  • Almost everything does work.

What does not work?

  • FM Radio

Installation notes

  • Please UNLOCK your bootloader before continuing. In case it isn’t unlocked, your device will not boot. (link )
  • Please flash these builds on 1st batch Teracube 2e’s Only aka zirconia.
  • Ensure you are on stock Android 11 11.0.3 or above firmware. (Note that 11.0.2 and older firmwares may not work)
  • GMS is pre-included.
  • Faceunlock included and works fine.

Installation instructions

  1. Unlock bootloader .

  2. Download Cipher Recovery Image from here.

  3. Download the CipherOS build here.

  4. Boot phone to fastboot mode and type fastboot flash recovery cipher-recovery.img

  5. Make sure ROM zip is in same directory as your platform tools

  6. Now, type fastboot reboot recovery

  7. Your phone should boot to recovery mode now

  8. Now, Use volume buttons to navigate to Install from ADB option and use power button to select it.

  9. Now, type adb sideload romname.zip where romname.zip is full name of zip you downloaded.

  10. Wait until process finishes up.

  11. Once done, Click on Reboot System Now Option or simply type adb reboot

  • You have successfully flashed CipherOS on your device.

Gagan Malvi , ​Kshitij Gupta ​​​, Aryan Sinha, Sahil Sonar

Version Information
Status: Stable
Source Code: ​Kernel sources. ​​​
ROM OS Version: Android 12.1
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.19
ROM Firmware Required: 11.0.3 and above
Based On: AOSP


Incase you’re looking for some screenshots, here you go :P.

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Hi there!!

Testing right now.

Here is a minor issue: Initial setup goes into a soft reboot loop after setting up a WiFi Network. Did a Factory Reset and completed the initial setup successfully. WiFi runs normally after setup is done.

Thanks for your work!!


You’re welcome and I’ll try to look into it/reproduce it and fix this issue in next updates.

Thank you for your feedback :).

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Great work!