Alternative cases

I agree somewhat on cutting the inside curves to show more screen, but I think holes in the top edge wouldn’t affect it much, since that area doesn’t stretch much.

I may still try to trim it a little, worst case is that I mess up a rubber case.
EDIT: The clearance I want to cut is less than the case has on the back for the camera.

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I thought about it. So I did the trim. Here’s a pic.

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I also purchased the Bone case, here are my notes:

  • I chose the teal case and it is semi-translucent, so even though it covers the corners of the screen I can still see everything through the case material.

  • I decided to cut the holes in the top of the case. I slipped it on over the default case, used a fine point sharpie to define where the holes needed to be and used a small pair of sharp scissors to remove those areas. Even with both cases on my headphone fits into the jack with no problem.

  • For those worried about protecting the rear camera area, the addition of the Bone case over the default case may be just what you are looking for.


I forgot to mention, like @caretoexplain I found that the addition of the Bone case made the side keys less sensitive, which for me was a welcome improvement. I had been accidentally adjusting the volume nearly every time I handled the phone.


I just wanted to let you all know that Hand and Hide is now offering custom-fitted cases for the Teracube. We strongly support the core values of Teracube and we feel our cases share some of those values. You can see more here:


Jeff (owner)


Ok so once I feel better this will become my first project on my quest to design a case. I hope to renew my hobby licence for fusion 360 I started two years ago but stopped as no PC to take with me out of town and two days a week at home well too many other things to do. Things that have changed. PC to take out of town plus 3d printer.

The long term project any one else wanting to try awesome


So is this a thing that we’re going to have to make our own phone cases because there isn’t a satisfactory alternative (and in the delay have broken phones)?

It seems that if we’re continually sending in broken phones for $39 to get replaced with a phone, it’s not going to be a profitable and lasting phone - especially in its endeavors of 4 years.

Hi @Liz - I understand your concern and thank you for being patient while we replaced your broken phone. I can assure you that we are actively looking for a more protective case option (although it is not straightforward).

In the meantime, we will suggest to install a tempered glass screen protector. A tempered glass protector will take more of a drop impact and has a higher chance of protecting the screen. There is one included in the box and there are some compatible ones mentioned in this thread :

Update : You could also look at this case

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Ok sorry been gone for a while was very sick. Was tested for COVID19 was negative but something hit me badly a second time so

In regards to cases. I have gotten my subscription back on fusion 360 and have been working on a project to develop my skills this last week while in quarantine. I hope to complete that project in next few days and then will start the new project of making the above case or something like it. My 3d printer is not setup yet and may not be for a while but will post links to my designs once completed for those of you with printers to trial them. Will try and update as I work on it post screen shots etc. As still learning on fusion 360 and this is potential a complicated design it may take a while. I may make a simpler design for the sort term. My designs will also be posted to thingiverse eventually.

All the best to everyone.

Stay safe.

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I just found out that the the Aliexpress website has our Teracube phone case.
I just ordered it, and it might arrive in one month.
Here is the link for those who wanna buy a case while waiting for the plastic or rubber case


Thanks! I almost ordered one until I realized that the phone attaches to the case with a sticky, glue strip. I would be to concerned that the strip would lose grip and the phone would soon be on the floor when you open the case. I saw a few other offers for Teracube cases, but all use the same design. I may still order one to play around with to find a better way to attach the phone. I like that it is a wallet style case.

I wondered how it attached!
My old Samsung Galaxy had a flip case, which attached by replacing the back (and the case containing another back permanently glued down)

There is an idea- I can glue the clear case down to the leather and then put the phone in the clear case. That should hold the phone very securely. The question will be if the buttons are still easily accessible. I will order one— then wait on delivery—then play around.

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I ordered 3 so will update as well. Can glue small magnets into the case and have the metal disc I stuck on the plastic case that was included with the phone. This will keep the phone in the case.

I’d be interested to see what you come up with! Apparently the included case is TPU, which seems to be a decent material, but I’m wondering how durable the case really is…

Let me know how that home made case turns out? I just did the same lol, Did your phone survive any drops with the default clear case?

Are you still working on this? Would love to see the end product. Did you damage your phone from dropping it with the clear case?

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Still trying to get to this project every time I am about to start something comes up. Be if family or work etc. My new idea is to use the clear case that came with the phone as the cushions inside a hard case with openings for the buttons and a slightly rased beveled out area for the back camera. This way I don’t have to worry about making a new soft case for inside. I have had a few min to review how to use a 3d printed part to be able to make a mold in Silicone from it so can produce many more hard cases quickly in theory from the silicone mold.

Also regarding magnetic break away headphones their are a large number of patients out their for them own by patent trolls that just sit and wait to take people to court over it. I have an idea to get around it but it may run into other patent issues as it used connections on the outside of the case. Like the Motorola idea to add on. It would allow clip on external (removable) headphone jack. Will send drawing. But due to specialized nature unlikely to catch on as would need other phone developers to develop for it. But will leave that up to you. Also could have the case that would have the headphone jack in it. Also an idea would be to have a mini USB c hub built into the case. But only of use if looking to use phone with monitor and keyboard and mouse while charging.

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First picture is the idea for a case headphones jack.

The second is for a case that has a jack built into it for those phones with out a headphone jack, instead of an extra dongle. Only thing is as never owned a phone that needs a dongle does it disable the internal speaker.

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Ok started on the case this is the bottom half will knock out the openings for camera etc. still but a start. Once I have finished the first round will need a volunteer to print a copy of the files for fit and comments texturing and such will come second to allow for better grip. First phase will just have the shells till figure out how I want to join them. Sorry Everyone that this has taken so long but life keeps tossing me curve balls and I am still learning to use the software.

Ok now figured out how to duplicate the bottom now to start the editing of the opening ya. I know it doesn’t look like much but it’s a start. Please note this is to go around your existing clear case as it provides some cushion to drops. Future models may be designed with a silicone/tpu cushion to replace the clear case that comes with it. But like I said time has not been my friend. Anyone wanting the models I have started please ask i think I can share them for you to play with in fusion 360

Will update more later.

Ok finished the basic STL files but can’t upload them for someone to test print.
They are not set to be secured yet as but have all the opening just need to see if it fits over the phone with the case. A touch of silicone would secure it till I get a green light it fits or comments on adjustment. The outer edge is thicker the plan is to put small screws through but can also make a thinner version that clips together maybe.
Will also make it have a textured surface when done.
Here is a link to the files in STL to my Google drive

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