Android 10 updates

This is a placeholder topic to track our progress on Android 10 update. As of now, our efforts are delayed due to the Corona virus situation. We will post here as and when we have an update on this.

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Cant wait! Would love to see it land in the next month or so.


I might rather have you make the jump to 11 and skip 10. If you could be very early to roll out 11 (beat OnePlus to it) you would be all over the news. I know that is unrealistic as OnePlus and the even larger kids have way more resources to throw at porting 11, but one can dream.


One day for sure :slight_smile:.


Hi, Sharad. When do you expect to release Android 10 on Teracube? I can understand that due to the Corona there could be some delay but it was advertised that we will have it in Spring 2020 and at the end of this week we will enter in Summer 2020. Can you explain what’s the current status, please?

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We are currently working on 2 updates :

  1. Android 9 security update : Estimated June 30 - July 15
  2. Android 10 release : Estimated July 31 - Aug 15

The Android 9 update will have May 2020 security patch and is being actively tested right now. We will open it for Beta testing soon.