Android 10 updates

Thank you for the explanation Anthony. I like many others am limited in my work and daily activities by my phone. It is regularly unresponsive and I have to restart it several times a day. Including at the moment I have incoming phone calls. We are all here because we believe in the original mission but (going back to “effort on solving the current problems”) it is failing if users don’t have a functional phone so I humbly ask that the company prioritize this.
**note that I am trying to go from S1_05 to 6 or 7 and have been waiting for customer support. File is downloaded and located on phone but I’m new to android and don’t know how to run it.

Hi Heather - I see that you are able to move forward with the SW6 install. Feel free to post on the SW6 thread or message me directly if you are experiencing any issues after the upgrade.

Maybe a different thread is a better place for this but I think it is valid based on some recent questions and comments. Is the 2e supposed to be just v2 of Teracube? Or is this a slightly lesser version of the original?

The reason I ask is a few reasons, we have seen a lot of phone companies lately release cheaper phones with not as good of hardware with a letter after them, like you have done with “e”. It also has a cheaper price tag than the original. What has me questioning that assumption is the Teracube was heavily marketed as a 4 year plus phone but you are also marketing to people like myself who bought the original that we should go out and back you second project and I haven’t even had the phone for a year. At $99 it’s somewhat tempting with some of the features I see it’s being marketed with like a removable back to get to the battery. On the contrary if my Teracube one is supposed to last for 4 years and has better hardware (for the most part) than the 2e then why would I switch? Is the new 2e better? I know that might be relative/opinion but I more mean is this an upgrade from a hardware/experience perspective or just a play for you guys to hit a lower price point and possibly a different market share?

I think my question really stems from what some folks have said above about releasing this phone while we are still stuck on Android 9 and I appreciate the explanations/rationale above, just wanting to understand with that in mind if I should consider replacing my one with my 2e at this lowest backer price.

The 2e is a budget/entry level phone, similar to an iPhone SE compared to the normal lineup.

I don’t think most people should switch to a 2e if they have the One, since it is a step down in nearly every way except for removable battery and more eco-friendly materials. If that is what you value most, then upgrade.

I regard the Early Bird kickstarter pricing as an incentive to purchase upgrade devices for family and friends who might be in need of a new entry-level device. I can’t swing multiple $300 phones for others, but I can handle a few $99 phones to help family and friends who need it.

Also, as noted, this isn’t a zero-sum game. Even on small teams there is room for subteams to be doing two things at once.

And further, the assumption that working on the ROM for the 2e won’t benefit the ROM development for the One seems a bit pessimistic. I’d be surprised if both ROMs were completely independent of one another, with no customization, development, and improvements shared between the two.


Thanks man, great answer, exactly what I was looking for. Wasn’t trying to knock you guys for moving your company forward. Thanks again, cheers!


I’m not part of the company, but thanks :rofl:

Hopefully you have a better idea of the 2e’s positioning so you can avoid the new gadget fidget for a bit haha. And if not, maybe you know some folks who could use one!


Or you could just do what some others do and buy it as a backup device or a device to take on occasion bc of fancy. Just a different perspective. Then, if two phones are too much maybe give the one you like least to someone or sell it for a profit. Remember, our warranties are transferrable so that could be a great selling point if you did decide to sell your phone (still helping it stay out of a landfill too).


I don’t seem to be able to update my last post. I had been on build 5 and so far 6 is working fine for me. Go Teracube!


Any updates on the update?
It’s been more than 2 weeks…

That seems missing the sustainability point by a wide mark! So it has to be functional for the basic mission to be achieved.

Any answer?? Where’s the update??

The software team is making great progress. I won’t steal @Sharad 's thunder but he has something ready to share this weekend. Personally I am excited about the progress, especially given the fact that we haven’t had the source codes very long. As you can imagine, each version update is significant and therefore the time requires to tweak, test, making adjustment is also a delicate process. However, I’ll assure you that we are working hard at it.


Thanks for the response Anthony!
We’re not asking for the update because we want our phone to look prettier, we just want it to function properly. Right now I cannot multitask while I’m on a call, which I’ve always done previously. Hopefully Android 11 release will go smoother…

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Can’t wait to see


Thanks for the light of hope @anthony , but it appears, it’s still not cloudy where @Sharad is, as we haven’t heard the shattering thunder news yet!

Hi Everyone,

The developers have been making steady progress. Here is the latest development update on Teracube One Android 10 (T1-A10):


  • Basic boot-up
  • Camera and camcorder
  • Audio
  • Modem
  • RiL (Calls, messages, IMS/VoLTE/ViLTE/etc)
  • Media playback
  • Sensors
  • Media encode and decode (video-audio playback, and recording for eg)
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth

Work In Progress:

  • Preloader + LK (bootloaders)
  • TEE
  • Fingerprint (to do with TEE)
  • NFC (to do with missing dirs and TEE)
  • Multicolor LED

Along with the Android 10 build, the team also worked on making the (linux) kernel public. Glad to announce the open source availability of our kernel.


Can they check into NFC Card Emulation?,from%20the%20reader%20directly%20to%20the%20secure%20element.

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Will look into that.

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How soon do we expect the update to come? Early November or mid to late November?