Any feedback on using the Teracube with Google Fi?

Hi everyone, I found the Teracube info, and this community today after my current phone hit the ground and the screen got shattered even underneath the protection… so… I am on the lookout for the next steps… being environmentally conscious, my research lead me to the Teracube. Great to read many users are happy.

On the FAQ page I see that Google Fi should work, yet, when I had checked with their support before seeing that here, they told me it wasn’t… so I am double checking…

Has anyone here used the Teracube with GoogleFi yet? And if so, what was/is your experience with it?

Thank you so much!

(in case anyone wants to check/try Google Fi, here is a link for $20 Fi credit, I have loved the flexibility of the plan for international travel ease for instance)

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Hello Fabienne.

Below is my personal experience with the Teracube phone and Google Fi. Hopefully, others have fared better.

I switched to Google Fi with the purchase of a Google Pixel XL several years ago - no problems. I then purchased the Teracube, swapped SIM cards and began the Google Fi activation. However during activation, I received an error code. After multiple attempts, the phone finally activated.

All was good for a while, until I noticed the battery drained quickly. This issue was identified and resolved with a software update for most Teracube users. My phone however, continued to experience rapid battery drain and felt warm to the touch. It was eventually discovered that the Google Fi app is the culprit (a Google search identified this issue for other brand phones as well). A process hangs and consumes the CPU, until the phone is rebooted. After a while, the process hangs again and this repeats continuously. I performed numerous factory resets, but to no avail.

Removing the Google Fi app did resolve the high processor use. However, the functionality of the phone suffered. I constantly received notifications to activate my SIM card, text messages ended with random characters (example ~+DXjVwAOoy+4Qwg), and I could not enable WiFi calling.

I received a new SIM card from Google and experienced the same problems. Downloading the Google Fi app and activating the SIM card lead to error codes once again. Once activated, there again was the high processor usage and draining of the battery.

I finally gave up and changed my carrier to T-Mobile. All is good once again. I would like to add, the Teracube phone has exceeded my expectations.


Thank you so much @RBM for sharing your experience with me! Glad the Teracube is exceeding your expectations even though it didn’t end up working with Google Fi… Still in the process of deciding my next steps…

Hi @Fabienne - thanks for checking in the forums while making your decision. I can see you have found all related information. We did advertise Google Fi compatibility initially (based on Google’s website) and our initial testing. However some users experienced issues around Fi app and usage. So we are no longer recommending Fi as being compatible. That FAQ section on our website needs an update for sure :slight_smile:.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions or concerns.

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Thank you @Sharad for adding your clarifying answer! I really like the values that are driving the Teracube and the community connected/connecting to it. And I am also looking to be with a plan that will continue to serve me well too. So I am integrating all the info and trusting clarity on the best way forward for me is coming :slight_smile:

I also see that you are announcing a Teracube 2e soon. Without revealing information that are not ready to be revealed :wink: can you let me know when the Teracube 2e would be available at the earliest?

And regarding GoogleFi, do you think it will be working with the Teracube 2e?

Maybe for me, I would take a temporary solution while waiting for that if it was the case? Deepest thanks!


I wish I could leak more - but my hands are tied. Lets just say we are trying to talk to Santa :wink:.

Regarding Google Fi - it is still a mystery. If you are loyal to Google Fi then maybe it is better for you to go with a Pixel or Motorola which are guaranteed to be compatible with Fi.

We will test it as soon we have the new hardware tuned up. There is nothing in our software or hardware that is inhibiting it from working. Google expects it to work on all unlocked phones that are compatible with T-Mobile Bands (both Teracube (One) and Teracube 2e are in that bucket). Alas - it still gave some issues. Android 10 maybe will have better luck once we get it on Teracube One and Teracube 2e.

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I really appreciate your answers and insights @Sharad, thank you. Either way, glad I found out about Teracube and will definitely check updates even if I go for another road at this time. I really support what you do and will be sharing about it! Many thanks and all the best with Santa :wink: , google and +++

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