Does Teracube support Google Fi?

Does Teracube support Google Fi? I am interested because of some of the (claimed) features of Google Fi, especially its usefullness for international travel.

Note : Google Fi is no longer supported on Teracube.

Some users have experienced problems activating Google Fi. If you are still trying to use Google Fi with Teracube, then read on.

If you are setting up a new Fi account - a heads up : You will not see Teracube in the supported phones list. Just select any unlocked Android like Huawei Honor 8 or Oneplus 7 (unlocked) and you will be fine.

Setup instructions here:

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Thank you for your speedy response.

is it compatible with Google Fi like their “designed for Fi” filter?
Many other phones pass on their website, although I see that Samsung S9 missed on their 3rd criteria which included switching between networks for best signal.

Is it compatible with the full features of Google Fi network?

Teracube is in the “Compatible with Fi” category and not “Designed for Fi”. Only pixel phones (and Moto G7) are designed for fi.

What it means is Teracube will stay on 1 network (T-Mobile most likely) and not jump across networks.

The Huawei Honor 8, and a few others that I checked including the Moto G6, were compatible to “designed for Fi”
But my desire for Google Fi is for when TMobile isn’t avlable or not a strong signal.

Is this something that could be improved by software updates?
Phone is what I consider the primary function, and this feature helps that function.

You are right - there are some lg phones in designed for Fi category. Here is the full list (click designed for Fi)

I doubt designed for fi can be done in software alone. Might need Sprint bands as well.

I expect you to improve until we are perfect.

but seriously, the network switching would be very cool.

My focus again is phone connection here.
I am very frustrated when having no signal, yet there is phone signal for “emergency” calls (from a network with signal).

My desire for Google Fi is for increased network connectivity.

My understanding is that “Designed for Fi” phones require CDMA so that they can access Sprint/US Cellular networks. I am fine with compatible (and T Mobile only).

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Is Google Fi working for anyone? Any tips on how to get it activated?

Yes, Google Fi works. I received an error when first attempting to activate (don’t remember if it’s the exact error code). However, I just powered off my device, then removed and re-inserted the SIM card. Powering back on, I was successfully able to activate.